Equine & Pacific ARTIST

Certificate IV in Fine Arts (Meadowbank Tafe)
Global Gallery Studios 2004-09, Alexandria Studio, Bondi pavilion Studio 2017

NAS Life Drawing classes with Spencer 2018
Idris Murphy Flinder Ranges Camel Safari from Hawker 2017.
William Boissevain OBE Western Australian artist – lessons from a master in painting landscape 2007-17. Also his studio model.
Joshua McPherson figure painting classes at Waverley art School 2014/15
National Art School: Bronze Casting sculpture with Clara Hall 2014, Colour Theory with David Briggs,  Portraits with Cherry Hood 2012, Portraiture/Nude – Kim Spooner 2006,  Master Drawing class – David Fairbairn 2007, Digital photography 2008
National Art School Outback Trip 2005 Alice Springs – Suzanne Archer; Charles Cooper
Julian Ashton Art School (2000-04) Figure/Sam Wade, Portraiture/Francis Giaco, Nudes/Andrew Pavoir.

2017 Bondi Pavilion open artist Studio
2016 Tribal Art Fair
2015 Black OpalDay for AFP Charity
2014 Tauranga Boat Shed Bethleham exhibition
2012 Queen St Gallery, Sydney – Polynesian Paintings
2010 Donated to Emilie Haines Rodeo Queen Quest;”Riding for the Disabled” Charity
2009 Donated to The Race Horse owners assoc NSW Red Kite charity
2008 Donated to The Race horse owners assoc NSW Red Kite charity.
2007 St Vincents Palliative Care Hospital ‘palliative care week’
2006 Gemini Hotel Foyer, Randwick
2004 Bondi Pavilion Gallery, Watch House gallery,
2002 Curtis Gallery Balmain
2001 Bondi Pavilion Gallery
2000 Hung in the Portia Geach Portraiture exhibition  of community supporter and collector Josephine Delacour.




Pacific Artist      Catherine's photo
I have been living in Australia for 28 years and find the landscape stunning.
My pacific theme is the thread I follow as I am very fond and proud of the Pacific with its musical strength, dance rhythm, drum beat and pacific designs and colour. Growing up in New Zealand with Maori Culture and a family trip at 16 to Tahiti and Hawaii gave me a love for Maori/Islander people and an appreciation of their culture. Since living in Australia, I have travelled to Cape York, Thursday Island, Cooktown, Lizard island, Vanuatu, Fiji, Rarotonga & Mauke, Samoa, Tonga, Papua New Guinea, Samurai, Honiara. Naturally I was inspired to begin painting the people with their sunlit colourful clothing amidst their palm-leaf green  surroundings.
Australia also has large groups of pacific islanders living in the community and they know how to entertain. Their spirited action packed cultural shows are gaining in popularity now with representation in the Sydney Indigenous Festival.

My influences are Gauguin for his colourful island scenes, Manet’s  impressionism, Australian artists – Ray Crooke who captures the tropical magic of light & shade and William Boissevain for his flicks of refreshing colour for the Australian bushland and florals.

My Equine Art
Degas’ horse paintings interest me – he captures the event by revealing the shapes of the horses through impressions rather than detailing every hair.
It is the beat and the excitement that I wish to capture as a continuous reminder of the thrill experienced by the event. I strive to paint the forward motion, expression, character and most importantly the individual spirit. When the buyer can identify his horse through my art then I am satisfied.

I was born on a deer farm in New Zealand outside of Taupo where men were men and the horses were wild. My parents started out with a draught-horse pulling timber out of the bush as the land was cleared for farming. From that timber they built the family home – it was revealed years later the house had been built at the bottom of a volcano! My father has a story how he came to realise his favourite horse could count. It carried the bag of staples that would go into the fence battens and when the seven fencing wires were stapled down the post the horse would move on to the next post even if one staple had misfired!  The horse was later replaced by a trail-bike, particularly when the deer arrived to be farmed. I was never allowed by the fence lines when the wild horses were gathering but they did fascinate me as I watched them run off.

I started my painting career after travelling in the Pacific  which has continued to inspire my theme.  Later, when a friend challenged me to paint horses, I was surprised to discover that I could. I love the bush and I love the Islands and painting subjects in motion and colour is energising.