Contemporary Display Pieces

My Contemporary Design Wall Pictures – My Pacific Collection

Attention interior designers!!Acrylic wall pictures

I have created a range of contemporary ready to hang wall pictures to brighten up any interior. They will add a splash of colour and may resonate with your surroundings. I can think of a perfect place in beach bungalows, white walls of a modern look or white-washed walls with a mediterranean Tahitian mix. Hang the works in your Hawaiin style tropical homes, condominiums, restaurants, cafes, hotel spa  or your work practice.  If you do Lomi Lomi and Hawaiin Kahuna massage why not decorate your wall.  Apartments that are dark because of reduced natural lighting… then these pictures may be for you.
Why not hang it somewhere near the surfboard.

These works are photos from my original artworks replicated for the enjoyment of my work and a size that is convenient to you and your spatial needs.
You may have travelled yourself to these places on cruise ship to the tropics like I did.

The photos have a metallic appearance, vibrant and vivid in colour. They are mounted on to high quality 6mm thick acrylic perspex  which can be wiped down and will not warp. The hanging device at the back is aluminium and all you need is a screw head or hook  in the wall to hang your picture on.

When hanging the work think about the reflective surface. You may love the extra touch of a window reflection which adds to its contemporary nature or you may hang it on a complimentary wall that dosn’t reflect a window.
Which ever way, I am sure you will enjoy their colour intensity and perfect clean cut diamond polished edges.

Price per Picture: $380 Australian approx size 40cm x 40cm.  .